The story of Moving Fascia®

Since 2013 I guide movement professionals and bodyworkers on a fascial education pathway. The Moving Fascia® method emerged organically from my own clinical experience as a movement therapist and myofascial release practitioner.  

The very beginning of Moving Fascia® originated as a fascial anatomy course. I was moved to share my own research and experience in the dissection lab to deepen the understanding of fascia within my existing teacher community. I hold a PgDip in Anatomical Sciences and was determined to find an relatable approach that would blend somatics with the latest research. This original course is now, the Moving Fascia® Embodied Anatomy Diploma, and has evolved into a comprehensive journey encompassing embodiment, self-release and movement practices, attracting practitioners across continents.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Rosa Firbank

Course Coordinator

I first met Rosa in 2013, she had experienced injury whilst training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and she came to my studio for movement reeducation. It was after her full recovery and graduation that we started working together.

Since then, Rosa has been supporting my practice and the growth of Moving Fascia®, providing administrative, marketing and development support.

Alongside co-ordinating the Moving Fascia® courses and supporting our learners, Rosa is a professional contemporary dancer and freelance producer, working across the arts and movement sector.

“For several years I have personally experienced and witnessed in others the lasting impact of Moving Fascia® to understanding the body in movement.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Ana as well as connect with our brilliant students and online community."