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A six month solstice-to-solstice online programme rooted in deepening and broadening your own breath practice while embedding it in your approach to teaching. Dive into the science of breath to deeply transform your health.

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Returns December 2024

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A six month online programme
with breath at its core

Immerse on a month-by-month journey

Be guided through weekly breath focus designed to reset biochemical balance, regulate your nervous system and restore healthy breath patterns.

Learn to recognise root cause of dis-ease and acquire the key to health through an integrated approach to breath.

Experience the power of breath-work as the light grows through the first 6 months of the year and witness the impact in your own body, your teaching and your clients.

Connect with a group embarking on the same journey, create accountability, gain support and evolve together.

Hi, I am Ana

As a movement educator and myofascial release practitioner the concept of breath has fascinated and influenced me for decades. I experienced my first lung collapse at the age of 36. Before I was fully recovered I experienced another, and then another and another... at some point I stopped counting. Each pneumothorax is a new opportunity to experience the rhythm, the cycle of breath.

I am committed to the continuous research of fascia and the transformative quality of breath. Living with catamenial pneumothorax, motivates me to this sustained investigation.

I am the creator of Moving Fascia®, a somatic movement method that has helped hundreds restore ease, minimise pain, and enhance fluid movement and breath. I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Anatomical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh and teach embodied anatomy to movement teachers. Alongside my work as an educator, I am collaborating on a research project exploring “The effect of breath on calming tremor for Parkinson’s disease” with researchers from the University of Brighton and Oxford University .

“Breath is the story of an organism and the environment. It is the story of their relationship.
A relationship that can be observed as the dance of continuous exchange.”

Why breath?

Breath has been the epicentre of my work for as long as I can remember and I am personally committed to its lifelong research. Each time I have a lung collapse I am reminded 'I am breathing'.  As each breath becomes even more precious I re-learn, again and again, breath is the constant continuum for life.

If like me you want to dive deeper, and experience  the impact of breath in your own health, with your own personal story, I invite you to join me. we will begin with the Winter Solstice, in the deepest of darkness, carving space and time to nourish and self-regulate through breath. Arrive at the Summer Solstice with a reinvigorated practice, new tools and understanding that replenishes your breath, your practice and your awareness.

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The Programme

Who is it for?

BAO is for anyone that is interested in exploring breath work at a deeper level.  

For breath enthusiasts

For movement enthusiasts

For movement teachers

For manual therapists

For medical practitioners

For therapists of any modality

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BAO runs from 21st Dec-21s June and will return in December 2024.
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BAO programme

7 monthly LIVE breath-focused sessions with Ana Barretxeguren

Weekly step by step guidance through video and LIVE content

Student online platform with all recordings and materials

Private community forum

Follow up support on the online platform

12 month access to all resources

Pay in instalments

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