‘The Role of Anatomy as a Movement Teacher’ webinar series

We invited experts within the anatomy and movement fields to discuss the role of anatomy as a movement teacher

Ana chats to Pete Blackaby

Ana Barretxeguren talks to osteopath and yoga teacher Pete Blackaby, discussing perception, the felt sense and the role of studying anatomy for movement.

Ana chats to Tracey Mellor & Stefan Westerback

A specially extended 80 minute webinar where Ana Barretxeguren chats with Stefan Westerback and Tracey Mellor about studying anatomy through human dissection and their involvement with the Fascia Research Society’s Plastination Project.

Ana chats to Gil Hedley

Ana Barretxeguren talks with integral anatomist Gil Hedley about his approach to anatomy "how can we be lost at sea if the ocean lies within?”

Ana Barretxeguren chats to Jeannie Di Bon about the Role of anatomy as a movement teacher

Ana chats to Jeannie Di Bon

Hypermobility specialist Jeannie Di Bon joins Ana Barretxeguren. They share their experience of working with chronic pain and cueing for a more integrated experience of the body.

Ana chats to Shari Berkowitz

Ana talks to special guest Pilates instructor Shari Berkowitz about the role of biotensegrity as a model through which to observe the body in movement.


Ana Barretxeguren has lectured internationally on anatomy and movement and is often interviewed as a guest speaker on other webinars and podcasts including the Functional Fascia webinar series with Julian Baker, The Fascia Hub webinar series with Jan Trewartha, the Dissected Woman podcast with Natasha De Grunwald and the Finding Your Range podcast with Jeannie Di Bon.

Every Breath You Take | Finding Your Range Podcast with Jeannie Di Bon (S1:E5)

Ana joined Jeannie to delve deep into how breathing pattern disorders develop in the hypermobile body and how we can change our breathing patterns.

Talking Scar Tissue | Finding Your Range Podcast with Jeannie Di Bon (S2:E2)

What is scar tissue and how does it impact our tissue?  How is our movement with hypermobility impacted by scar tissue?


Instagram live with Susana Sanchez from EBFA España