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Saturday 7th October

An introductory day to the Moving Fascia® approach, lay the foundation for the practice of fascia focused movement.

Explore the basis of fascial application to any movement modality and manual practice. Immerse into a deep exploration of the felt sense waken your awareness to habitual patterns, discover new movement and deepen your existing practice.

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A fascial approach to movement

Lay the foundations of a fascial approach through the Moving Fascia® method from the hand of Ana Barretxeguren.

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Introduce fascia focused movement
into your teaching practice

Discover the principles behind the Moving Fascia® method and its application

Ways of seeing, from the pulse of cavities to the impulse of limbs. Reading and analysing form, rhythm and movement.

SERI, the Moving Fascia® Principles, an approach that acknowledges embodiment and nervous system regulation.

Developmental movement, explore the underpinning patterns that birth the essence of all movement.

Teaching tools, enrich your skills and find inspiration with a variety of new movements that bring fascia focused movement to life.

Framework for
Saturday 7th of October

Hi, I’m Ana Barretxeguren,
creator of Moving Fascia®

Hello, I am Ana Barretxeguren, I am the creator of Moving Fascia®, a somatic movement method that has helped hundreds restore ease, minimise pain, and enhance fluid movement and breath.

I am a movement educator and myofascial release practitioner fascinated by the transformative quality of a somatic approach and its positive impact on health. My own experience of living with catamenial pneumothorax, a rare condition of repetitive lung collapses, has led me to a continuous investigation of fascia, focusing on the visceral space and its connections to breath and movement.

“The study of embryonic origins and the cellular world of fascia can have a huge impact and relevance on how we  explore the body in movement”

I am committed to the latest fascial research

I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Anatomical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh and have taught embodied anatomy to movement teachers for more than a decade. I hold a PgDip in Anatomical Sciences and was determined to find an relatable approach that would blend somatics with the latest research.

Whether you teach movement or practice manual therapy the Moving Fascia® method brings fascia theory to life, unlocking the potential of fascial connection to transform your own movement and that of your clients. 

Is this workshop for you?

This day is for movement teachers seeking an interactive experience that translates fascia theory into movement and resonates deeper than reading books on their own.
The workshop is also for manual therapists who are already working with the fascial body but want to introduce  movement into their practice to pass onto their clients. If you're not sure if it's the right course, get in touch! We're happy to help and answer any queries you have.

For movement teachers of any modality

therapists and bodyworkers

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Workshop Saturday 7th October
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A fascial approach to movement

'Ways of seeing'

Development movement

SERI, the Moving Fascia approach

Teaching tools

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LIVE online

Workshop Saturday 7th October

A fascial approach to movement

'Ways of seeing"

Developmental movement

SERI, the Moving Fascia approach

Teaching tools

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Moving Fascia® Foundations


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Moving Fascia Foundations is an opportunity to learn the foundations of fascial anatomy with practical application to integrate into your mat, studio, clinic or online teaching.  

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